Information Technology Division

The Information Technology (IT) Division provides software development, software integration, and IT temporary personnel. We are familiar with all the latest Microsoft products and operating systems. In addition, we are familiar with databases such as Ingres, SQL, SYBASE, and Oracle. The IT Division also provides other IT services for other products that are being phased out such as older finance systems, Unix platforms. In addition, we have supported the US Army, US Marine Corps, and US Navy in developing a Unix version of the Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS) Network Control Station (NCS). We are currently supporting the US Navy with the Maintenance Advisor Expert System (MAES).

Systems developed by Sierra's IT Division, or for which Sierra has had a significant development role, are currently deployed in Army, Marine Corps and Navy commands, providing leading-edge technology for command and control and mission support. These systems have been used effectively in recent military operations in Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean. Our only major military contract is the Seaport-e contract to offer support to the US Navy.

Sierra's IT Division presents a broad experience base in leading edge technology. Our on-board engineering staff has current experience in networked systems, communications, and information processing systems and is currently developing the majority of our software using the latest database and Microsoft technologies. Combined, we have developed over 3,000,000 lines of code in C, C++, COBOL, BASIC, FORTRAN, and ADA using ODBC, Oracle, SYBASE, Microsoft SQL Server, Ingres, and other databases.

Sierra major focus currently is developing software, software integration and providing temporary IT personnel to provide a large range of IT services from desktop support to developing programs such as a Time Card System for the Southwest Air Quality Management System (AQMD). We have and continue to support a variety of government customers with the services described above. We currently have software engineers, database personnel, financial management personnel, desktop support, network administrative support, and network security personnel supporting these various government agencies around southern California.

The IT division offers a large variety of IT personnel to support organizations requiring temporary or long term support in a large variety of IT disciplines. Sierra is capable of performing a full range of systems engineering and software development in support of its clients.